The Platform for Community-led Startups

Centralize all your user communication, support and feedback in a simple and efficient place.

100% Free, Unlimited Messages and Members.

Quick & Easy Setup

Setup your community in minutes. You will not get lost in a thousand options.

Build Better Products

By gathering feedback and ideas from your community, you will deliver more relevant features.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Create a place where your users feel involved and privileged.

Bring all your user interactions into the same space.

There is a channel type for every interaction possible.


Keep your users informed by sharing product updates.

Feedback & Support

Get ideas and actionable insights about your product.


Strengthen your community by letting your users share together.

Turn your users into contributors

Put them at the core of your product strategy.

Stop developping features nobody wants

Prioritize your work according to what your users need the most.

Show what you're working on

Let your users know that you have taken their advices into account.

Empower your users to help each other

Enable them to solve problems independently with collective wisdom.

Unlock the power of SEO

All communities are indexed on search engines.

Time saving

Stop answering the same questions over and over again. Your users will find the answers through Google.

Increase your traffic

More people will find you and your amazing product.


Some amazing features we are planning to launch.


Get insights into your community to understand it, uncover trends, and make better decisions.


Show to your community what you're working on and integrate their suggestions directly into your roadmap.


Connect Dupple to Github, Notion, Airtable... to integrate your community into your workflow.